About TheBounty

TheBounty is a project born after the stagnation of YafaRay project after the release of version 0.1.5, maintained by povmaniac (Pedro Alcaide) and rubdos (Ruben De Smet). Being a fork of YafaRay, TheBounty can do everything YafaRay can, and more.


Apart from all of the YafaRay contributors, which we appreciate enormously, we would like to thank the following people.

If your name is not listed, please give us a hint. Sometimes it's difficult to keep track of things.

Differences with YafaRay

Note: the exact commands to reproduce this paragraphs are listed. If you're not comfortable with them, that's no problem.

diff -u <(git rev-list --first-parent HEAD) \
        <(git rev-list --first-parent yafaray/master) | \
     sed -ne 's/^ //p' | head -1

This calculates the branching point, where povmaniac split of the YafaRay project. Apparently, that's commit 5ef76658...

This was a commit on by darktide (Rodrigo Placencia). After that, TheBounty got ±180 commits, while YafaRay received ±62 commits, as of today, .

These numbers where obtained using the following commands:

git log --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset' 5ef7665899f0e485092ce4fc5c7741812498f537..yafaray/master | wc -l
git log --pretty=format:'%Cred%h%Creset' 5ef7665899f0e485092ce4fc5c7741812498f537..master | wc -l

This basically means that TheBounty is around three times as active as YafaRay. Some of the differences include:

Other things are not yet included yet in the master branches. That includes a performance optimized Blender exporter, which makes exporting scenes around 30% faster. We're also working on completely rewriting the exporter in C++, which should mean a lot of performance increase. We're targetting very high.


As TheBounty is a fork of YafaRay, it wouldn't be possible without the numerous people who contributed to YafaRay. Have a look at their about page for a list of contributors.