Aborting render.

Started by asticles


Hi all,

Aborting render in preparing scene phase hangs thebounty forever.



Blender version: 2.76b
TheBounty version:
Operating system and version: Windows 7
Official build downloaded from https://www.thebountyrenderer.org/downloads (yes).

Steps to reproduce

Describe how you can trigger the bug:

Load an scene with several objects.
Hit render and abort on preparing render phase.
Result: Blander hangs.

Expected result: Render aborted normally.



  1. While the exporter is exporting stuff, you cannot break the thing:
    This is a known issue, that is also very annoying while I'm debugging my C++ codeā€¦ I'll work on that when the C++ implementation is finished, that way we don't have to do the same work twice.

    This will also be less of a problem when the exporter is faster.

  2. Does Blender recover after the export step?