Do you think you have found a bug?

Started by rubdos


If you think you found a bug, then you probably have found a bug.

Your problem is a bug if:

  • Blender crashes when using TheBounty, but not when using another render engine (original YafaRay, Cycles, Internal, …); or
  • Black or white dots appear:
    Example of black dots in YafaRay, by stoneage; or
  • TheBounty doesn't render any output; or
  • Finding a setting takes to long (that's a bug in documentation); or

Your problem is (probably) not a bug if:

  • You're rendering a huge scene on a computer with 2GB of RAM and your computer runs out of memory. Solution: buy more RAM.

What to do when you found a bug

We need information from you, probably a lot. Don't be afraid to post your issue though, we will help you out!

Here's a template:

** Versions **
- Blender version: 2.xx
- TheBounty version: ...
- Operating system and version: Windows 7, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, ...
- Official build downloaded from
  - If **no**:
  - CPU brand (Intel, AMD) and type (x86, x86_64, ARM, ...)
  - If you compiled from source: what compiler, ... (not applicable if you don't know what it means)

** Steps to reproduce**
Describe how you can trigger the bug:
1. Do this e.g. load this scene
2. Do that e.g. press *Render*
3. Result: e.g. Blender crashes

**Expected result**
e.g. Blender does not crash.

For some kind of bugs, some parts of the template might be unnecessary. If you are unsure about something, we'll help.

If you need to attach a scene, please upload to your Dropbox for now. We do not have enough disk space to host your scenes (yet) :)