Working on the exporter to make it fast... - rubdos

... real fast. People are complaining that export times (from within Blender to TheBounty) are terribly high. I've been refactoring the Python code of the exporter (the io) a bit, so performance could be a bit better. I achieved a speedup of 30% (on one specific scene) by only doing that.

After that I started rewriting the whole io directory to C++, directly calling into Python using CPython, which already gives a speedup of 115% (in terms of exports per second) or ~52% (in terms of time won). I did just a little of optimizing yet, so there's a lot of performance following.

At the time of writing, I'm working on exporting textures. After that, most of the work is done.

Graph showing performance improvements

More details can be found on the dedicated topic on the forums, where I will post updates. There will be a new news item when it gets released, of course!